This Sugar Quill with Edible Ink and Parchment is a Tasty Treat

 - Jul 15, 2011
References: instructables
This Sugar Quill with Edible Ink and Parchment recipe from Instructables user 'yota' is a unique way to write a letter to your loved one.

yota explains why this recipe was an apt choice: "[o]f all of the candies mentioned in the Harry Potter series, none have I ever wanted more. [...] The most coveted, among myself and my nerdiest of friends, Honeydukes product has always been the Sugar Quill."

Additionally, yota created edible ink as well as rice paper to write messages upon. The entire set is completely consumable and will surely be easy to destroy when it comes to getting rid of your secret messages.

Implications - Consumers want to create products that allow them to escape the reality of their hectic lifestyles. One way they are able to do so is through food. By re-creating products seen in movie franchises, they feel a deeper connection to that brand.