- Oct 17, 2013
These contemporary sofa beds are perfectly suited to provide house guests with a modern and practical sleeping option.

When it comes to having people stay overnight at your home, sometimes having an extra guest room just isn't a practical option. That's why opting to purchase a sofa bed, which can conveniently transform from a couch to sleeping unit, is a wonderfully practical way to accommodate guests or anyone looking to take a snooze in your living room. A great option for homeowners looking to add furnishings that are multifunctional and comfy, these contemporary sofa beds will conveniently allow anyone to sit or sleep at their leisure.

From hybrid sofa beds to strapped leather seating, these contemporary sofa beds will allow you to easily take a nap in your living room whenever you please.

From Slidable Sleeping Sofas to Colorful Accordian Cots: