The Pause Convertible Sofa Bed Fans Out for a Comfy Night's Sleep

 - Oct 13, 2011
References: & mocoloco
A sitter and a sleeper often prefer different conditions of the supporting surface beneath them, so the engaging Pause Convertible Sofa Bed does its best to assume a dual nature. It functions effectively as a chair during the day, but folds out to become a cozy bed at night.

This delightful piece by Meike Langer has been composed in such a way that aligns each stiff cushion vertically when configured as a seat, affording someone the firmness he might appreciate beneath his bottom in this position. When necessity transforms the bound stack of blue mattresses into an open full-length daybed, the user discovers an increased softness in the flattened padding of the Pause Convertible Sofa Bed.