Podseat & Podsofa Provide Privacy and Comfort to the Waiting Burden

 - Feb 5, 2013
References: o4i
These cutesy pod seat sofas are extremely ideal for waiting areas. They ensure privacy, comfort and a modern addition to any work space and lobby. Employees and customers in the waiting halls can comfortably make phone calls, finish up work on their laptop or even take naps depending on the placement of the item within the building with these seats.

A nice addition of these pod sofas are the windows they have on both sides, which let in light and provide a homey feel to the confined space.

Designed by o4i and to be presented at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2013, Podseats & Podsofas will compliment modern offices beautifully once on the market. With a design that combines aesthetics, comfort and efficiency, pod seating will be making some noise.