From Tech Incubators to Ethically Refurbished Vests

 - Mar 1, 2012
This top list explores social businesses working in Haiti. Much like many countries in the Majority World that experience a natural disaster, Haiti received much more media attention and worldwide support after the 2010 earthquake (of course, not all of the donations got to where it was needed most). During my undergrad, I took a seminar about Haiti that likely wouldn't have gotten approved had it not been for the earthquake that happened months earlier. It's realities like this that shape the way in which the West talks and thinks about Haiti and other countries in less-industrialized countries.

Of course, not all of these social businesses working in Haiti were founded after the earthquake, but some were. From ethically refurbished vests to maternal health marketplaces to companies like SoapBox, which uses a buy one, give one model to bring soap to children in Haiti, most of the groups featured here partner with local NGOs and charity to further their impact, and of course, to make sure everything stays on track. For example, SoapBox has a partnership program with the Wings of Refuge Children's Home, which cares for orphans in Haiti. The SoapBox Wings of Refuge partnership is an example of how charities and social businesses can work together to create something more than they could each do individually.