D-Rev Designs Solution-Driven Products for Low-Income Customers

 - Nov 5, 2011
References: d-rev.org & facebook
It seems simple enough: D-Rev creates products that respond to problems and improve the livelihoods. As a non-profit technology incubator, D-Rev targets people who live on less than $4 per day, and through social innovation hopes to improve their income and health indicators. According to D-Rev's website, a large amount of the solutions currently available to the 4 billion people who lack access to basic services and goods are expensive, ineffective and inappropriate. By using for-profit market mechanisms and working with local partners on-the-ground, D-Rev's goal is to have financially self-sustaining product development operations by the year 2017.

"D-Rev’s approach is to identify opportunities to improve the lives of a million-plus people a day, design products to meet the need, deliver the products, and quantify the possible global impact these products could have throughout the world," GOOD wrote about the social enterprise. D-Rev is involved in all facets of the design process, which allows it to preempt problems as well as gauge the positive impact accordingly.

Past and current locations of projects include India, Haiti, Nepal, Ecuador, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Botswana, Bangladesh and Iraq. D-Rev's projects cover the following innovations: knee joints for amputees in the Majority World; solar energy for rural households; malaria and tuberculosis detection in rural clinics; jaundice treatment for new-borns; and affordable milk pasteurization in East Africa.

"D-Rev is revolutionary in that we do more than design the product; we undertake extensive due diligence -- analyzing customer need, market demand, local infrastructure, supply chains for optimal delivery and scaling in parallel with early rapid prototyping and testing," D-Rev explains. The Design Revolution is here and it's out to solve real problems -- and like D-Rev's tagline illuminates, it's Design for the Other 90%.

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