The Noble Rose of Afghanistan Named by History Television Audience

 - Oct 26, 2011
References: the7virtues & whatsinaname
The latest fragrance coming out of the ethical business The 7 Virtues is The Noble Rose of Afghanistan, named via History Television's series 'What's in a Name?' Cool, right?

Leaving it up to the viewers to title the newest perfume could be seen as a risky move, but in the end, it's an exciting experience that will allow for consumer engagement at the utmost level. The suggestions came from a Canada-wide contest through "Fragrances in the big perfume houses are named by experts with years of experience in the business," says The 7 Virtues CEO, Barb Stegemann. "But we’re a grass roots kind of company, sourcing fair trade essential oils for our fragrance collection from countries that are rebuilding. So, it really appealed to our community values that fellow Canadians in our democratic society would get to name one of our fragrances."

The 7 Virtues is a Canadian company using innovative methods to help build their brand, and ultimately, rebuild communities in places including Afghanistan and Haiti. The 'What's in a Name?' perfume episode will air on October 31, 2011 at 8pm ET/PT on History Television, so if you've got your creative juices going, check out how this social business looked to the crowd to name the Noble Rose of Afghanistan.