From Ultra Modern Barns to Contemporary Rustic Farms

 - Jul 21, 2013
When it comes to agriculture and farming, people often associate that way of life with being old and out-of-date, but these sleek farmhouse structures are showcasing that rural living can also be quite modern and chic.

Farming often consists of a lot of hard manual labor, with most of the work requiring individuals to be outside most of the day. With farmhouses ordinarily located in rural and suburban areas due to the need for land, people often assume that structures far beyond the city tend to lack any visual or contemporary appeal. These sleek designs however, are here to prove those people wrong by showcasing visually modern and minimalist farmhouse designs that would entice any architectural enthusiast.

From upscale barnyard abodes to geometrically shaped rural homes, these sleek farmhouse structures brings a whole new meaning to the concept of rural living.