The SuperFlex Home System Can Be Reconfigured Depending on Needs

 - Jan 29, 2012
References: sorenkorsgaard & ecofriend
Designers the world over have been focusing on the creation of adaptable and modular furniture solutions to meet different consumer preferences, and now designer Søren Korsgaard has created the SuperFlex Home System, an entire house that is adaptable and reconfigurable according to user needs.

The SuperFlex Home System is a housing concept that can be adapted to suit different purposes. It doesn't just serve as a place to live; it can be used for other activities such as sports, shopping and even farming, describes EcoFriend. While this might seem odd, it's entirely possible since Korsgaard has designed the house to be completely modular, with "volumetric denominations" made of pliable materials (such as plyboo and translucent polycarbonate) that can be reconfigured based on needs and preferences. Visit Korsgaard's site for more information about this incredibly flexible and adaptable home.