- Nov 21, 2011
These Sesame Street innovations illustrate the pull these lovable muppets still have on popular culture. Once you spy these fantastic creations, you'll be begging for someone to tell you how to get to Sesame Street.

Few children's shows have lasted as long or influenced culture as much as Sesame Street. Those who grew up watching Elmo, Snuffleupagus, Oscar and all their friends, cannot deny that they're mind wanders back to that show from time to time. Concept artists, designers and comedians have used these wholesome figures as inspiration for wild and wacky designs that could be construed as hilarious or offensive, depending on who you talk to. From zombified renditions of Burt and Ernie to Grover standing up against police brutality, no one's childhood memories are safe.

Nostalgic, clever and occasionally borderline offensive, these Sesame Street innovations take you back while propelling you forward.

From Protesting Puppet Parodies to Adorable Muppet Canteens: