- Sep 29, 2018
The various innovations featured in this September 2018 gaming list range from performance boosting peripherals to in-game rewards for security upgrades. This in-game reward is perhaps one of the most interesting updates to the immensely popular Fortnite: Battle Royale and offers players an in-game dance for simply upgrading to two-factor authentication.

Also featured is a new subscription service offered by Microsoft for its Xbox One consoles. Instead of requiring buyers to purchase a new console and online service, the Xbox All Access program will let players finance their console at a low cost of just $22 a month. This model is not only incredibly cost-effective but also allows users to test out the console at a reduced rate.

The September 2018 gaming list also includes an impressive gamer immersion chair that dwarfs simply playing video games from a chair. Inspired by plane cockpits, the Acer Predator Thronos enables optimal comfort and peak gaming performance.

From Console Subscription Programs to eSports VR Spaces: