From Nicknamed Baseball Jersey to Anamorphic Basketball Courts

 - Sep 27, 2017
After the Mayweather versus McGregor fight at the end of August, surely the September 2017 sports trends would put boxing back near the top of the popular sporting echelon — yet that doesn't seem to be the case. As surprised as many were that the fight was actually entertaining (as opposed to a dud along the lines of Mayweather versus Pacquiao a few years ago), boxing as a sport remains niche to the modern sports fan, and it's unlikely that one gimmicky fight will change that.

One of the more popular North American sports, basketball, dominates the trends of this month, which is especially impressive considering that the NBA is in its offseason all the way until October. Whether in video games like NBA Live, which is introducing WNBA teams this year, or in mobile ticketing platforms like the Miami Heat's new platform, basketball has a knack for dominating the news cycle.