From High-Top Scuba Shoes to Scuba Streetwear

 - Jun 5, 2011
These fashionable scuba innovations celebrate the global art of diving underwater using a self-contained breathing apparatus. Although this pursuit is thought of as more of a hobby or tourist pursuit, the fashion industry has increasingly integrated scuba gear, snorkels and neoprene wetsuits into its magazine editorials.

This fusion of fashion and sport helps designers reach a well-heeled consumer market who regularly travels to favorite dive spots; many even own boats and vacation homes in far-flung locales. Fashionable scuba innovations such as these upsell consumers on pricey designer scuba gear, luxury seaside apparel and runway-ready apres-swim outfits.

If these scuba innovations are any indication of the future of resort fashion and summertime hobbies, we'll all soon be lining up to get our scuba diving certifications.