- Jun 6, 2013
While eating healthy is something easier said than done, these scrumptious avocado recipes showcases just how simple it is to incorporate such a nutritious ingredient into all sorts of fun and exciting dishes.

Whiles avocados are often associated with the type of food used in dips, they can actually be cooked in a variety of different and creative ways, adding a lot of nutrition and texture to a meal. Avocados contain a lot of natural fiber and vitamins essential to maintaining a balanced diet, and if you're looking for creative ways to use this ingredient, then these insightful recipes will definitely point you in the right direction.

From crispy Mexican pastries filled with avocados to grilled cheese sandwiches stuffed with this nutritions ingredient, these scrumptious recipes will make the process of eating healthier much more alluring.

From Deep Fried Tortilla Breakfasts to Meatless Avocado Eggrolls: