From Haircutting Clawz to Scissored Neckwear

 - Jan 25, 2010   Updated: Apr 1 2011
Remember your kindergarten days when that obnoxious little snot-nosed kid used to ask, “What do scissors do?” You would then respond with the most obvious answer, and then find yourself back one more person from tasting your raisins and milk during snack time. I hated that kid.

Anyway, check out the 23 scissorvations which showcase all the innovations involving scissors.

Implications - Some companies would look at an every day object like a pair of scissors and see just that. Innovative companies, however, are those which see something simple and ordinary and see the thousands of ways it could be converted into a new and exciting product or idea. In this way, these crafty scissorvations are a great example of that kind of thinking in action.