From Hipster Schoolgirl Fashion to Schoolgirls Witchtography

 - Oct 14, 2011
Schoolgirl looks are always very alluring as they mix the right dose of innocence and sexy together. These Lolita-inspired fashions are sultry, saucy and playful -- they always surprise fashionistas with their creative twist and provocative suggestions.

From short skirts to cute blazers, these schoolgirl ensembles are never out of fashion. Targeted towards a young, teenage female audience, these girly pieces also incorporate a more masculine touch in ties and suspenders, which makes schoolgirl fashions even more intriguing and interesting. In addition to fascinating clothes, feminine, back-to-school-inspired shoots include a great mix of innocence and sass. These two opposite tendencies come from the fact that generally, these are fashion shoots involving female models that are moving from childhood to adulthood.

This dazzling gallery covers some of the many styles that have been created to make sassy schoolgirl fashions even more appealing to young fashionistas.