The Cora Keegan BlackLOG Editorial is Summery and Sweet

The Cora Keegan BlackLOG magazine editorial is a perfect introduction to the Keegan, the young Las Vegas, Nevada native whose career has been heating up over the last few months.

The Cora Keegan BlackLOG magazine editorial was shot by accomplished New Zealand shutterbug Sam Crawford, and he does a fantastic job of capturing Keegan in a variety of poses. Keegan's versatility is on display as she alternates between photographs expressing innocence, sensuality, and sheer boredom. Each photograph gives viewers a clear look at the face and eyes of a young star with a bright future.

Cora Keegan is represented by NEXT Model Management in New York, Paris, and Milan. Do not be surprised if you begin to see and hear her name a lot more in the near future. Click through gallery to see what the hype is about.

Implications - One of the most effective forms of marketing is sexually charged advertising. By overtly trumpeting their sexually charged marketing, the company shows a willingness to think outside the box and push boundaries. This will attract consumers interested in avant-garde companies or a brand that goes out of their way to be different from others in their market.