Emman Montalvan Captures a Precious Public Garden Oasis

 - Jul 22, 2011
References: web.me & bentrovatoblog
Emman Montalvan was 17-years-old and only a year out of high school when he began his career as a fashion photographer when he got his first camera and began taking shots of anything he could wrap his mind around.

While a sophomore at college in his native Manilla, Phillipines, Emman Montalvan started scored bookings and jobs, turning his passionate hobby into a part-time job. The next five years saw Emman Montalvan delve deeper into the photography world, focusing on portraits, fashion and advertorial shoots. This encouraged Emman Montalvan to take his talents to Los Angeles, where he resides now, and is the location for this shoot entitled 'Park Ranger.'

WIth the help of model Leore Hayon, Emman Montalvan does an excellent job of creating a shoot that is equally as sensual as it is organic. Montalvan brings out a powerful and natural sex appeal in Leore Hayon, a model whose work I haven't seen before, but shows incredible potential.

If this shoot is any indication of his talent, Emman Montalvan has a bright future as a fashion photographer. Do not be surprised if you see his name pop up often in the next few months.

Implications - One of the fastest ways a company can garner attention for its brand is by focusing on ads that are highly sexually charged. By eschewing the conventions of traditional marketing and toeing a line that is decidedly more edgy, the company shows a commitment to pushing the envelope, establishing an image that is avant-garde and non-traditional.