From Feline Doppelganger Blogs to Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

 - Jul 29, 2011
Ron Swanson is definitely a trailblazer with his overtly Libertarian outlooks and love of breakfast foods. Much more astounding than the character himself though is the incredible love viewers have given him as these Ron Swanson spin-offs prove.

For instance, how many TV characters do you know with their own flavor of Ben & Jerry's ice cream? Maybe a handful at most, right? Ron's Internet influence is so great, he even has his own Ron Swanson Seal of Greatness, letting foodies know which culinary creations are certified edible by the most masculine man on television. My favorite Ron Swanson spin-off though has got to be the Cats That Look Like Ron Swanson Tumblr account, which hosts a bunch of pictures of felines that have similar facial characteristics to the Parks and Recreation character.

Implications - Consumers enjoy products referencing pop culture sensations because they feel an empathetic connection to those references. Corporations may capitalize on this empathetic bond and utilize pop culture references in product designs as well as services.