From Popculture Parodies to Presidential Portraits

 - Dec 4, 2011
Ron English artworks are no stranger to controversy; however, that never has stopped him from leaving his mark the art world and pop culture. In fact, it has never even phased the man.

Ron English has created quite a reputation for himself with his unique style of art, which fuses high brow and low brow pop culture references, branding imagery and subversive advertising campaigns. Since the 1980s, English has been carving out his own style, known as "'POPaganda,' to usurp street walls, sidewalks and billboards while injecting his own brand of humor and surrealistic ideals. English is famous for creating parodies of pop culture icons like The Simpsons and Ronald McDonald, and is notorious for drumming up controversy with provocative artwork, such as his Charles Manson billboards.

Ron English artworks are some of the most thought-provoking pieces to come out out the 20th and 21st centuries.