Inspiring Reckless Parties for the Release of Springbreakers

 - Mar 22, 2013
As the release of Springbreakers fast approaches, so to does fan's excitement and, in turn, their desire to party like it's spring break. Springbreakers is a film by Harmony Korine starring James Franco, rapper Gucci Mane, Selena Gomez and other hot, young, scantily clad actors. Anticipated to be as controversial as it is flashy, the film (and its appeal) is less about its plot (four young girls on a quest to have "the best spring break EVERRRR") and more about the raw look at youth culture the film is sure to provide.

There's no doubt in my mind that after viewing the movie, many reckless parties will be thrown. If you're looking to party like a springbreaker, remember the golden rule of generation Y: pics or it didn't happen. From slumber party photography to peculiar peeing prints, these examples of party pictorials are sure to spark ample inspiration in time for the release of Springbreakers.