- Dec 8, 2011
If you're looking to remove some unwanted hair, these rad razors will take care of the job with the utmost style. Razors, like most everyday items, generally escape notice -- that is, until you cross paths with a bad one. If you've had the misfortune to shave with a rusty, dull razor, chances are you won't be taking any chances with your next shaver.

With so many designs and capabilities to choose from, you'll be able to locate the perfect razor that more than suits your needs and is stylish to boot. Banish unwanted hair in one wipe and snuggle close to your honey with your silky soft skin. Avoid looking like something Big Foot dragged out of a forgotten forest and invest in a premium shaver today.

Look sharp and feel sharp with any one of these rad razors.

From Luxe Auto-Inspired Shavers to Razors with Rulers: