The $1,600 TwinLuxe Shaving Set for Your $2 Gillette

 - Apr 5, 2011
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As sumptuous and swanky as the TwinLuxe Shaving Set is, it's probably only those who've got money to burn who could justify such a purchase. The grand groomer comes with a detachable razor handle, a shaving cream brush and a stand for both. Interestingly, the collection is designed so that refill blades can be easily purchased at your neighborhood drugstore and clipped into the grandiose grip.

If you're interested in expressing your boundless wealth in a slightly more conservative way, three different sets of the model exist, starting at $800 with the Chrome, which boasts a polished silver. At $1,100 you can get the Anthracite made of the same PVD used in firearms and race car components, and finally, the Arctic TwinLuxe Shaving Set is of solid white alumina ceramic, which makes ballistic armor.