From Fierce Metallic Masquerades to Intense Eye Pictorials

 - Aug 10, 2010   Updated: Mar 23 2011
Although every girl may have experienced the morning-after raccoon look, the featured raccoon-inspired makeup spreads prove that those raccoon eyes don't necessarily have to be a fashion disaster.

Whether you're aiming for a super dramatic look or just to emit a cool rocker-chic vibe, check out these raccoon-inspired makeup looks to get some inspiration.

Implications - Fashion is all about pushing boundaries, and these raccoon-eyed makeup styles definitely raise an eyebrow or two. Often times, extreme dark-eyed makeup is associated with goths or punks, but fashion magazines are frequently playing with the idea that this style can fit into more than one category. Makeup styles are always evolving and changing so I feel that the raccoon-eyed style will never fully be lost.