- Aug 22, 2008
Here at Trend Hunter we have featured all sorts of photography projects, from the high fashion and artistic to the quirky, playful and down right weird. It is the latter category we present to you in this cluster.

How quirky and weird? How about dumping food on your model’s head and taking the picture in that fraction of a second that it hits them? or if you are a bit adventurous maybe photograph yourself kissing strangers. And for a group fun project, you can try the piled bodies in urban spaces idea.

Wanna get technical? You can try the high speed photography to capture objects frozen in time after being shattered with a bullet.

Hollywood actors try to always maintain a tough guy image, but they let their guard down and opened the fountains for Sam Taylor Wood’s "Crying Men" project.

The creepiest of them all however is Supermodel Tyra Banks with her 275 smiles. Who knew a smile could be so creepy!

Enjoy these photography projects and more in this awesome cluster of 30 hand picked photography trends.

From Crying Actors to Kissing Strangers: