Funtography by Michael Hughes

 - Oct 13, 2008
References: dailymail
Michael Hughes loves to travel and visit the world’s most famous landmarks. He also loves to take creative, quirky pictures in which he replaces these monuments with cheap souvenirs.

Hughes started this hobby back in 1998 and has accumulated a rich collection of over 100 fun images using this blending technique in 200 countries he visited.

From a plastic Eiffel Tower, to a coffee cup showing the Statue of Liberty, and a souvenir fridge magnet of the Golden Gate Bridge. His creativity has no limits.

"I noticed coffee cups from a shop near the Statue of Liberty had the statue printed on, so I poured my drink on the floor, and positioned it in front of the statue," Michael explained how he discovered this technique.

"Since then, taking the pictures has developed into a hobby and a passion to the point where I have been taking trips recently just to photograph a souvenir next to its landmark."