From Souvenir Plastered Cars to Free Presidential Souvenirs

 - Jan 24, 2010   Updated: Aug 30 2011
The next time you visit a tacky gift shop make sure to pick me up one of these 10 Super Souvenirs. Load up on awesome shirts with lame slogans or pick up a bobblehead lizard.

10 Super Souvenirs is a must have travel companion. Show you care by buying him/her a souvenir that is cheaply made and already owned by millions of others.

Implications - These super souvenirs are ones that leverage the power of nostalgia. They will get you thinking about the artifacts that people call souvenirs in a whole new way. Souvenirs hold a special place in our culture of travel and they can represent so much to so many different people. Really any object can be a souvenir.