Flying Puli

 - May 5, 2008
References: & thesun
Fee is not a mop! This a wild image was recently taken at a preview of a purebred dog show in Dortmund Germany. The Puli named Fee, a sheep herding dog, was jumping over a bar...the type used in the sport of dog agility.

According to the American Kennel Club, "The Puli coat is unique. There is nothing exactly like it in all dogdom. The undercoat is soft, woolly, very dense; the outer coat long and profuse. The puppy coat is tufted, but with growth the undercoat tangles with the top coat in such a manner as to form long cords. This matting and cording is the natural protector of the working Puli, with the overall effect, as in other Hungarian sheepdogs, best described as unkempt."

It may take years for the full dreadlock effect to peak.