From Tushy-Focused Artworks to Foreboding Female Illustrations

 - Dec 9, 2011
Throughout the years, painting styles have seriously evolved, but there has been one subject that has remained a constant in creative captures. Presenting the human form in purely provocative paintings seems to be the one concept that will never go out of style.

Sure, it may seem like Michelangelo had it down pat when it came to depicting bodacious bods, but the way the modern artists have done hyper-realistic renderings has redefined the way anatomy is illustrated. From galleries full of Playboy-esque portraits to luscious lip-centric likenesses, the how-is-that-not-real factor of photorealism is off the charts.

It makes sense that artists are sticking to what has worked for centuries, turning their sensual subjects into provocative paintings, but the mediums alone through which they are doing so may be what's earning such captive audiences.