From Stripping Superstar Exposures to Twerking Celeb Photography

 - Feb 19, 2014
Kicking off her Bangerz Tour on Valentine's Day in Vancouver, Canada with a bang, 21-year-old provocative Miley Cyrus wows the crowd once again with a flying hot dog, furry backup dancers and her infamously sensual and shocking outfits.

Already named as the hottest woman on the planet by Maxim, the "Adore You" singer is also allegedly rumored to be "hooking up" with Jared Leto which has the Internet blowing up.

The provocative Miley Cyrus already has people talking about canceling shows because of her saucy antics.

From her raunchy and completely candid photo series by Terry Richardson with her breaking out a cigarette and doing crotch-grabbing gestures to her looking like old-movie icon Marilyn Monroe with her hair curled and lips painted a signature bold red, Miley Cyrus looks sexier than ever.