From Tangible Internet Memes to Early Morning Munchies

 - Nov 29, 2011
These precious Pop Tarts show that this beloved childhood breakfast has permeated popular culture and continues to enjoy a large niche market to this day. Due to this toaster treat's overwhelming and long-standing popularity, Pop Tarts have served as inspiration for countless creations, both edible and inedible.

From Internet memes to Pop Tart-inspired cupcakes, these yummy breakfast confections have endless adaptations. With the power to instantly transport you back to countless hectic mornings and school bus trips, Pop Tarts will hold a starring role in many people's childhood memories. With a variety of flavors to choose from and homemade versions popping up all over the blogosphere, there is no doubt that these early morning treats maintain a strong fan base for years to come.

Sure to put a spring in your step all morning long, these precious Pop Tarts show that after all these years, they are just as popular and widespread as they've always been.