From Spudtastic Cutlery to Evolved Tater Toys

 - Jul 19, 2009   Updated: Mar 24 2011
The humble potato is revered as a staple in our diets, but there's far more to this starch than just sustenance. The potato is also a material that can be used for biodegradable cutlery and rain coats; potato sack fashion has strutted down some of the hottest runways in seasons past.

Check out these potato innovations and more below.

Implications - Mr. Potato Head has been around ever since I was a kid and you can still see them on the shelves today. I think that the reason the toy is still selling is that it has evolved throughout time to keep up with the ever-changing consumer world. Making a popular movie version of the toy such as Transformers Potato Head is an excellent idea to keep kids interested.