Spudz Necklaces

 - Sep 26, 2008
References: beadinggem
Potatoes are an unlikely material for making jewelry and yet Gail Larkin of Las Cruces, New Mexico does use the vegetable we most readily associate with fries to make her funky colorful adornments.

She slices up various types of potatoes into different shapes and dries them in a dehydrator before painting and fixing them. Once treated, they are very hard. She then combines her potato beads with vintage beads she gets from old jewelry bought at flea market to form her distinctive eco-jewelry line.

Naturally, her unusual creations have attracted not just admiration but the inevitable quips that Gail hears all the time like, "Can I eat it if I get hungry?" One small child actually bit her necklace to check if it was edible!

Gail has a stall at her local Farmers’ Market or you can email her at g.a.larkin AT comcast.net for further information or custom orders.