From Cream Puff Popsicles to Boozy Cucumber Popsicles

 - Jul 30, 2014
Ice pops are a summer staple when it comes to fun ways to cool down from the heat and these peculiar popsicle flavors are sure to set to make your mouth go wild with new and innovative tastes.

While it was once common to fill popsicles up with explicitly fruit-based flavors, this is definitely not the case anymore. Now everything from vegetables, alcohol and even pastry desserts are being redesigned into popsicles. With so many DIY recipes out there, consumers are encouraged more than ever to experiment with the classic popsicle recipe by adding their own fun food pairings. Foodies looking to stay healthy can enjoy these avocado or juice cleanse popsicles. If you like fried desserts there's even a cream puff popsicle for you to test out.