Gluck Am Stiel Natural Fruit Popsicles Have Simple, Colorful Wrappers

 - Jul 8, 2014
References: glueckamstiel & thedieline
Glück am Stiel (Lollies of Happiness) makes unusual combinations of natural fruit popsicles, which is the focus of its packaging instead of flashy graphics and colors. The wrappers include chalkboard-like illustrations of the popsicles and their names, letting the natural colors and quirky fruit blends speak for themselves.

One popsicle that combines mango, grapes and coconut has a yellowish color, presented on whimsical packaging designed by Studio Oeding GmbH. With a focus on health, pure ingredients and bright colors, with its sophisticated packaging, these popsicles could be just as appealing to adults as they are kids. Glück am Stiel popsicles are already stocked in over 400 organic German markets and this packaging will only continue to help spread smiles and good health.