From Elegant Low Ponytails to 80s-Inspired Retro Updos

 - Oct 18, 2011
It's unusual to see models in fashion magazines with their hair up; the norm is to feature long, luscious, flowing hair, but this collection of ponytail photoshoots demonstrates that it often pays to think outside the box.

This easy to do, classic hairstyle may seem simple in everyday life, but it makes a huge statement when it comes to the world of high fashion. A ponytail is most often used when the clothes are so intricate and incredible that the models' hair needs to be put up as to not distract from the clothing.

Don't confuse the ponytails in this list with a regular old ponytail that you might throw your hair into on the way to the gym. This list of 40 ponytail photoshoots is as high fashion and stylish as updos get.