From Clothes That Predict Fevers to Tough Guy Baby Wear

 - Sep 3, 2012
These playfully lazy onesies show how this form of apparel is no longer reserved for babies.

Relaxed apparel is coming back in a big way, and buyers have a multitude of styles to choose from. If you are a toddler and in need of some tough guy baby wear, parents should check out the Mr. T-inspired onesie. For the adults, have a look at the interesting design from Levi's. Its Double Denim Onesie is disguised to look like two articles of clothing.

Lazy fashion is here to stay and since Snookie is now a proud mother, I'm sure many are going to be seeing some leopard-print onesies hitting the market soon. Those who enjoy comfortable clothing have found the perfect piece of apparel with onesies.