The Lesia Paramonova Les Collection is Filled with Whimsy

The whimsical Lesia Paramonova Les Collection enchants mortals. The collection was created by Russian designer Lesia Paramonova, who is trying to create a brand that, at its core, deals with the unification of humans and nature. Paramonova entitled this collection 'Les,' using the Russian word for forest, placing nature at the center of pieces.

The floral-filled outfits are free-spirited, fun and form-fitting. The extremely feminine collection also uses looser transparent material atop its skinny cuts. The material appears to be mist that often cloaks a forest with mystery and magic. This addition increases the whimsy of the collection. It is as if any fashionistas found wearing the clothing are secretly forest fairies.

The Lesia Paramonova Les Collection inspires the creative creature within us all.