From Vintage Vinyl Dishware to Toadstool Serving Dishes

 - Feb 15, 2013
With kitchenware designs evolving to meet the demand of consumers looking to deck out their homes with the lastest and hippest decor, these playful plate designs are are great way to add some light-hearted fun and color into your dinning room set.

While you may not be able to see your plate while you're eating, setting a table with some out-of-the-ordinary dishware pieces will serve to make a bold first impression. Whether you're looking to elicit a laugh or engage your guests in some thought-provoking questions, these creative plate designs will certainly start off your dinner party with a bang. From dishes that are hand-painted with whimsical illustrations to those that can be easily stacked like a toy set, these one-of-a-kind dishes will be a fun and engaging addition to your set of kitchenware items.