The SmartPlate Makes Music, Inspired by a Symphony of Savory Ingredients

 - Aug 9, 2012
References: flickr & electroluxdesignlab
The concept behind the Electrolux SmartPlate might sound remarkably futuristic, so perhaps it would surprise you to learn that other contemporary creative professionals have also been designing to this tune. This cutting-edge piece of crockery introduces the sense of hearing into the experience of eating, and it does so in an incredibly hi-tech way.

With its circular recess, the squared plate is divided into three sections by a digital interface with sensors. Once your supper has been served into the salver, the system detects the ingredients and their flavors that are present, analyzing them and translating them into unique noises. A beautifully balanced meal might strike a glorious auditory harmony, made up of a symphony of savors-turned-notes. Julian Caraulani
's Electrolux SmartPlate is even integrated with a multimedia smartphone app so you can interact with your musical meal.