Emily Evans Defines Odd with These Delightful 'Histology' Plates

Anatomy and tea parties come together with these delightful ‘Histology’ plates by Emily Evans. Just as the name of the plates indicates, the collection is inspired by histology, which is a field of study focusing on microscopic anatomy of cells and tissues.

Believe it or not, the plates are actual images of body tissue magnified from various body parts and internal organs. With the help of a Clinical Anatomist who put together the slides of the various human tissues, ranging from the liver to testicles, the designer uses the magnified images of the tissue, which displays its cells and prints them on these charmingly quirky cake plates.

It is so interesting that something such as a kidney or testicles that on the surface wouldn’t be deemed aesthetically pleasing, can be magnified and revealed to display something so beautiful. The plates, which are 20 cm diameter in bone china, come in different human tissue designs – bowel, thyroid, liver, bone, pancreas, esophagus, testicle and kidney. The designs and the light hues of the delightful ‘Histology’ plates make these suitable for scientists and girly-girls alike.