The Dou Plate is a Contemporary Adaptation of Qin Ceremonial Crockery

 - Jul 13, 2012
References: jia-inc
I suppose it must go way back to the Qin Dynasty, a few thousand years ago, when meals served on raised dishes began to take on a more gourmet appeal. The Dou Plate cannot promise to bring such deluxe meals to modern plebs, but it does a brilliant job of making run-of-the-mill meals look a little fancier.

Using biodegradable EPA melamine, designer Kate Chung molded this delectable set of three mushroom-shaped bowls. Each one is shallow with a circular trough and elevated on a thickset stem of different heights. The geometric sculpting of the pedestal-raised platters has given the outside of the dishes multifaceted surfaces. Bold colors of red, blue and black glaze the exterior of the Dou Plates to further assert them as accents at the center of the table.