Animal Themes for Homes, from Faux to Does

 - Nov 30, 2009   Updated: Aug 17 2011
This cluster of offbeat taxidermy is unlike anything you've ever seen. These aren't for Gaston's drinking tavern, so you can scrap your stereotype of buck heads over the mantel and open your mind to new animal-themed decor. We've rounded up the most peculiar, offbeat taxidermy featured on Trend Hunter, including everything from PETA friendly papier mache deer heads to octopus tentacle jewelryâ€"even robotic taxidermy for those who want something on the geekier side.

Implications - Consumers are intrigued by taxidermy because it takes formerly animate objects and transforms them into inanimate products. Corporations may consider utilizing animal motifs in their product designs in order to satiate consumer desire for an emotional connection with commodities.