- Mar 10, 2012
Stylish NYC dining is not hard to come by. One of the most talked-about cities on the globe, it's not secret that New York is a mecca for all things stylish.

While New York Fashion Week draws in fashionistas and fashionistos from all over the world, but another thing that draws in an international audience is the wide range of dining options in the metropolis. There are restaurants that use fresh produce from their vertical gardens, there are jeeps that roam the streets serving cotton candy and there are even pharmacy-themed pubs. For those who don't drive, there are even drive-ins dedicated to bikers, which are loaded with a variety of goodies.

If you're a foodie or an adventurer looking for a new experience, these innovative examples of NYC dining will whet your palette for the fashion capitol.

From Cotton Candy Jeeps to Vertical Gardening: