From Fruity Chocolate French Toast to Caffeinated Campfire Chillers

 - Aug 20, 2013
Inspired by the delicious breakfast spread, people have gotten creative and made their own Nutella treats -- just one look and you'll be drooling!

For people who are known to have a sweet tooth, these desserts are definitely worth trying. For example, as delightful as red velvet already is, when mixed with the hazelnut spread in a cinnamon roll, it's absolutely irresistible. Also, if you love the great outdoors and find yourself camping throughout the summer months, s'mores are probably a staple in your diet. The Nutella and marshmallow-infused Oreo should definitely be made at your next campfire.

Finally, the next time you're hosting a party, instead of serving fruity cocktails, surprise your guests with the Nutella martini -- it's sure to be the talk of the night!