From Golden Bamboo Gems to Slithery Snakelaces

 - Dec 18, 2009   Updated: Jul 6 2011
With spring right around the corner and everyone jumping on the eco-friendly bandwagon, jewelry designers are looking more and more to nature for inspiration. Over the past few fashion seasons, we've seen many types of nature-inspired baubles, from serpentine jewelry and insectcessories to jewelry made from real tentacles. Click through this cluster of nature-inspired baubles and accessorize accordinglyâ€"perhaps then spring won't feel quite so far away.

Implications - These naturalistic ornaments take the beauty of a customer's surroundings and consolidate these features into a few profitable products. With so many industrial products on the marketplace, companies would be wise to design more nature-inspired commodities and make these available to those who are tired of being inundated with mechanically contrived material.