From Health-Conscious Chocolate Flapjacks to Nutty Compound Confections

 - May 15, 2012
These mouthwatering brownies all pack a scrumptious punch. The classic dessert has been favored for standing somewhere in between a cake and cookies, frequently incorporating caramel, mint and fudge ingredients. Chefs and restaurant owners have honed in on the treat with unusual flavors and shapes, creating edible masterpieces.

Health-conscious chocolate flapjacks and nutty compound confections have hit chic menus and viral food blogs everywhere. Cocoa lovers covet these products, if not for their rich taste, then for their imaginative recipes. Vegan, non-gluten and nut-free options have also become commonplace, accommodating the taste buds of consumers with health issues and strict diets. There is arguably something delectable for almost any dessert enthusiast here, resulting in the inclusion of this confection on menus time and time again.