Moustaches From Peach Fuzz Zappers to Facial Hair for Infants

 - Jul 23, 2009   Updated: Apr 3 2011
Facial Hair (for men) seems to be making a comeback. This cluster explores 30 ‘staches that have captured the attention of our readers.

From ridiculously outlandish sideburns to full-torso facial hair extensions, there are many different ways in which men can mustache it up.

Implications - The recession gave rise to "credit crunch" grooming and the return of facial hair on men. Mustaches became a runaway hit in mainstream pop culture over the past several seasons as men and women wore real and fake mustaches. Cheeky novelty mustaches, fashion accessories, home decor, mustache tattoos and photo documentaries helped facial hair pervade into every niche and industry, and consumers continue to lap these products up.