11 Bizarre Beauty Pageants

 - Dec 13, 2008
This year’s Miss World pageant contains an online component, where viewers can log on to vote for their favorite candidate. Trend Hunter has long covered the bizarre relationship our culture has with beauty, and the unusual beauty pageants in the slideshow below showcase the depth of our fascination.

Sure, the Miss World pageant is the oldest major beauty pageant still in existence that judges international beauty. But not everyone can be a representative of their country, so naturally fringe beauty contests were bound to pop up.

Nature fans will either love or hate the variety of animal beauty competitions in existence. Cows, goats and camels are just three of the bizarre subjects celebrated in these beauty pageants. I’m sticking to watching the Miss World pageant.

There are also beauty pageants that honor their participants’ difference from cultural norms. The transgender beauty contest in the Philippines, the Depth of Beauty pageant and the Thai Miss Jumbo Queen beauty contest are three such examples.

Whether you’d rather attend the Miss World pageant or an inmate beauty contest, you’ll find a competition to suit your fancy below.