From Submerged Dreamtorials to Gothic Mermaids

 - May 10, 2011
Now that spring has sprung, fashion photographers are headed to the beach and are finding inspiration below the waves, inspiring a vast array of mermaid photoshoots.

Mermaid-esque "fishtography" has bubbled up in countless fashion editorials and spreads, capturing coral colors and underwater whimsy. Clad in clams and sequins, the mer-models depict the very essence of mythical mermaids. All of these photographs share the commonalities of vibrant background colors of bright, blinding blues and seaweed greens. These colors contrast the models swimmingly, allowing them to stand out boldly against the background. Their poses are natural and long, so it seems as if they are swimming, and suspended in water.

Some spreads don't take a literal mermaid approach, but subtly hint at the theme. These models lounge near bodies of water with flowing hair and sequined costumes.

These mythical mermaid photoshoots give their respective company's product or service an air of mystery and mythicism.